Help Shelter Pets
03 Aug 2015

Help Shelter Pets

FoMA supports organizations that help special needs

03 Aug 2015
FoMA supports organizations that help special needs and medically needy animals, and find homes for homeless dogs and cats. These efforts save lives and reduce overpopulation at Miami-Dade Animal Services so space is freed for community pets in need. You may click on link to read more and please consider donating to this campaign.
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Through collaborations with organizations that save the lives of pets in need and help ease the high volume of pets at Miami-Dade Animal Services, hundreds of shelter pets have had a chance at a forever home while space is freed up for community pets.

The no-kill groups we support are closed admission organizations that can control the number of pets they take in, enabling them to provide more comprehensive care. These groups offer behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption, provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people, and have extensive volunteer programs that help with the enrichment of pets in their care.


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